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The link "ConfigServer Security &firewall" in WHM shows blank page. To fix this issue. Do the following. In WHM, right-clicked the link for "Configserver Security&Firewall" and open it in a new window. On the new window where only the...

When you move out of a page or menu item you edit. If you use the back button a lock symbol is shown.To remove the lock simply edit the menu and click close or save button. This will remove the lock. If are stuck and you are unable to edit the menu...

When we issue a “php -v” over command line or when we browse a phpinfo.php on a site this error occours. Go to the source directory ffmpeg-phpXX.XX #vi ffmpeg-php.c comment the line av_free_static() rebuild ffmpeg-php and place the new...


Presoon John

Hi All... I have been working the IT Industry since last ten years... Specialized in Linux, Cloud Infrastructure and Solution Design.
On the hobby friend, I do research on IOT, Micro-controllers, Electronics etc.
Music is my passion..Connect me on..

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