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The cPanel error logs shows Out of Memory! when you click the "update now" button in Awstats. This usually happens when cPanel's php is set with low memory. But in most of the cases this is not the issue. Go to WHM > Tweak Settings > "The maximum...

Hi guys, When PHP is compiled as CGI, you won't be able to provide custom php flags in .htaccess or just simply add a php.ini if your home directory. To enable a custom php.ini for your domain running PHP as cgi, perform the following...

Hi guys, You might have been facing the error getting logged in /var/log/messages. Deeper research in Google gave the result that it is the issue with the loaded Kernel. Before going for and upgrade, just confirm the following. Check whether the...


Presoon John

Hi All... I have been working the IT Industry since last ten years... Specialized in Linux, Cloud Infrastructure and Solution Design.
On the hobby friend, I do research on IOT, Micro-controllers, Electronics etc.
Music is my passion..Connect me on..

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