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You can use the "netstat" command in Solaris likewise in a Linux box. However, the syntax differs. Also, the output of netstat is different from that of Linux OS. Hence there is a slight difference in the pipe scripts used. [stextbox...

I have been working with Iplanet Mail server installed in Solaris 9. Since it is running the old version and the support for the old version has come to an end, I am contributing this basic post on queue administration. You can access the queue prompt...

How to enable Telnet in Solaris 9

November 19, 2010 | In: Solaris

The "inetd" demon runs the telnet server. By default, the telnet is disabled in Solaris. It not recommended to login via telnet in an unsecured environment. However, in cases such as Xforwarding (click here) requirements, you need to get it up. Here is...

In older versions of Solaris, the X forwarding via SSH won't work. In this case, we have go for telnet. Here I will explain how to access the Solaris X session via Fedora. By default, the fedora installation won't allow the X session to listen on TCP....


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